Inspired by those seeking opulence and exclusivity

Bungalow Ball sets a new grand standard for our most celebrated annual occasion – New Year’s Eve! The vibrant and flourishing scene of Atlanta nightlife, called for a marquee event to rival those of destination cities all around the world.

The inaugural Bungalow Ball saw the likes of over 1000 glamorous people, including multiple celebrities, who all contributed to the demise of hundreds of bottles of champagne. Given the success and overwhelming positive feedback, we are excited to debut information on the 2015 Bungalow Ball!

Revel on the Riviera

The theme to this year’s Bungalow Ball will be ‘Revel on the Riviera’ set in a lavish venue that will exude a chic & lively atmosphere akin to the Parisian cityscape and the Mediterranean shores.

Given it is the world’s grandest day of celebration, the options we have for this evening are limitless. It is time to forego the drunken bar revelers and cliché clubs for something new, something savvy, something sexy. Indulge yourself in Revelry this New Year’s Eve!


Are you ready to Revel on the Riviera?

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