200 Peachtree

The venue at 200 Peachtree was built with the vision of hosting lavish, entertaining events. For this year, the space will be transformed to feature a multi-room Southern France and Paris-inspired layout conceived with over indulgence in mind.

Bungalow Gallery

The Rivera

The chandelier room, coined ‘Paris’, will be host to the main stage, the 360 ‘Paris’ bar and table service cabanas. As you go up the escalators, you will arrive at the ‘St. Tropez Balcony’, which offers additional bars and table service while allowing you to overlook the spectacular views of the sprawling entertainment below. As you exit the balcony, you will enter the ‘Monaco’ room where you will be greeted with a mix of live entertainment, gaming tables for charity, and, not surprisingly, additional bars. Finally, as you take the stairs back to the main floor, you will enter the ‘Cannes’ room, which will be a seductively lit theater hosting a never ending dance party, an array of specialty acts and more top shelf bars!

The multi-room event space will be open to all guests with table sections spread throughout to appeal to those who prefer to truly indulge with a limited table service option. With heavy emphasis given on audio and visual productions, Bungalow Ball will ensure that all of your senses are aroused!


Are you ready to Revel on the Riviera?

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