This Paris sponsorship package is reserved for the company that will serve as our Title Sponsor for Bungalow Ball.

The Title Sponsor will be Bungalow Ball’s strategic branding partner, and through this mutually beneficial relationship, the company and Bungalow Ball will realize significantly heightened brand recognition. As outlined below, Bungalow Ball will provide the company with numerous opportunities before, during, and following the event to market and raise awareness for its brand.

Our brand strategy is essential to our success and it is our mission to ensure the Bungalow Ball brand is associated with high quality execution, sound business practices, and memorable experiences for our guests. Therefore, this sponsorship level would be reserved only for a company that fits within this strategy and adds value to the Bungalow Ball brand in addition to its own. Refer to the details of the sponsorship level below.

  • Name as part of event title (example: Bungalow Ball & Veuve present
    “Revel on the Riviera”)
  • Sponsor for entertainment act of choice (Band, DJ, Etc.)
  • Exclusive Sponsorship within company’s industry  Acknowledgement as sponsor from the main stage at the event
  • Photo and Video rights to the event; title sponsor logo will be included on all photography and videography pieces.
  • Press release sent to all local and regional media partners to announce
    the sponsorship
  • Banner and Link at top of sponsorship page on event website
  • Premier logo placement on front cover of flyer, event poster, all print,radio, television, all event signage (including large on-stage projection screen), all four e-newsletters which are distributed to over 45,000 people, all retail and promotional products and marquee street signs.
  • Ability to place strategic branding around the venue with sign off by event hosts
  • First right of refusal to continue as Title sponsor to the event each year.
  • Admission for 20 guests of your choice into the event.
  • 1 (20 person) table in Saint Tropez Balcony Area at the event with
    complimentary bottle service

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