What to wear: Bungalow Ball

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“One of the wonderful host to Bungalow Ball, Harrison Sapp, wrote this helpful article on NYE fashion ideas for the ladies. Enjoy!”

To check out the original article and many other fashion tips please check out Harrison’s Blog Gilty as Charged!

Hi party people! I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that New Year’s Eve is one of my very favorite nights of the year. It is basically an excuse to dress like a human sequin and drink your weight in champagne. I meean? NYE caps off the holiday party season and everyone wants to go out looking their very best. No one wants to start off the New Year ugly, it’s just bad juju.

Let’s talk NYE style. There are three style categories that I push hard this time of year: sequins, lace & the playsuit. There are SO many variations of each, but here are a few ideas to get you started:


This is usually my go-to category for New Year’s Eve. Nothing says holiday spirit like draping your bod in sparkles. Click each to shop!

I snagged this amazing green sequin mini at H&M for NYE 2012 and I still love it so much.

They have a similar one now for $14.95. I’m sorry, like what??

Last night I went to a holiday party and wore this fun little June & Hudson skirt ($38!!) paired with my Express crop top. It was a little out of the box for me, but I ended up loving how it came together. Just proves that your shimmer doesn’t necessarily have to be all over!


2. LACE.

Lace is another trend I am feeling some serious love for. It is sexy, but understated and more unexpected than the sparkle route. All four of these are from Lulu’s and are under $100. Click each for dets.


As you guys know, I die for a good jumpsuit. They are usually the most comfortable option, but also one of the chicest in my opinion. Click each to shop!

I am still SO obsessed with this Hunter Bell playsuit I wore to my birthday party.

So there you have it. So sorry that this became such a long post, but there was way too much good to leave anything out! Pair any of these looks with your favorite clutch and a hot shoe and dance your way into 2-0-1-5. See you all at Bungalow Ball? Don’t forget to use my code: bungalowsapp for a little discount love!




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